Vida Coach Profile – Sean Hosemans

Here we have the Head Coach at the Casa D’Abruzzo Club in Epping, Sean Hosemans


1.When did you first pick up a tennis racket?  

10 yrs old.

2.Who influenced you to begin playing? – 

I wanted a new challenge. I played a variety of sports as a youngster such as Karate from 5 yrs old, Taekwondo (won a nationals), AFL & Cricket. I had to choose between cricket and tennis at about 13 years old and I went the tennis pathway.

3.What player did you idolised growing up? Did they influence the way you play?

Marat Safin, Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. I followed tennis much more as a kid and would stay up all hours of the night watching the Grand Slams.

4.What person/coach made you love tennis?

Paul Vassallo was my first and only coach. He got me involved in coaching when I was 16 yrs old. I began with just one day a week then ramped it up to 2 days. Now I’m coaching full time and running my own club.

5.When did Vida come into your life? 

An opportunity arose in mid 2015 to run the Casa D’Abruzzo Club Tennis Coaching and after being an assistant tennis coach since 16 yrs old I jumped at the opportunity.

6.What opportunities has tennis/Vida provided for you? 

Make a life and career out of playing tennis. When I get asked what I do, I say tennis coach and people always say full time? I enjoy having a hands on job outside of the normal 9am-5pm job.

7.How has your time at Vida influenced you as a person?

I’ve had to create a club from scratch, we are on the right path. We need to keep working and developing more relationships at schools and the local community to keep it growing.

8.Why do you love coaching tennis?

I love developing kids on and off the court and tennis is the pathway for me to achieve that. I enjoy watching kids improve and when finally something clicks. That’s that moment I enjoy the most.

9.Describe Vida in one word? 


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