Vida Coach Profiles – Ignacio Crescini

Let’s get to know the Vida coaches better, here we have our Director of High Performance at MCC Glen Iris Valley TC Ignacio Crescini.

Ignacio Crescini – Cordoba, Argentina

Vida Venue – MCC Glen Iris Valley

Role – Director of High Performance 

1. When did you first pick up a tennis racket?

When I was 9 years old, my cousin lent me a racquet and after a couple shots it felt right so I began taking lessons.


2. Who influenced you to begin playing?

My uncles and cousins. My parents don’t like tennis too much, they wanted me to play rugby instead. They were working all day and didn’t have time to see me play. So I would walk from school to the club and take the bus home late at night.


3. What player did you idolise growing up? Did they influence the way you play?

Edberg first, then Sampras, not so much for game style but for the easy way to play and taking winning as a normal thing. 


4. What person/coach made you love tennis?

My friends pushed me to play more than any coach did. Hugo Flores who was also a family friend gave me several lessons and instilled values that were taken for granted back then. The environment in which you grow is very important. 

Later I worked with very renowned coaches in my country as a hitter and they encouraged me to think about coaching as a career option. I began as a hitting partner for some top pro’s who were being coached by Leo Lerda, Sergio and Claudio Gariotti. The coaches then gave me the opportunity to share my opinion  with these players which gave me so much confidence to pursue a high performance coaching career. 


5. When did Vida come into your life?

Summer 2016-17, I was not particularly happy being the head coach of another club and was looking for a change where I could spend more time on court to help develop talent and help young coaches to find ways to carry forward their passion for the game.


6. What opportunities has tennis/Vida provided for you?

Tennis has allowed me to travel all over the world. In 2009, I was working at the Ines Gorrochategui Tennis Academy in Spain, when I received an offer to train in Harvest Tennis Academy in Punjab, India. The academy is under the patronage of Harvey Saran, a tycoon who owns several buildings in Canada, his purpose was to help local kids from his village in India to achieve scholarships in American Universities and attract the best juniors in the country. That project kept me busy for 3 years living between India and Europe every summer.

Ultimately we produced many Top 300 ranked juniors  and most of the kids involved got scholarships into Division 1 schools in NCAA. as a testament to Harvey’s vision and the hard work from all parts involved.

The director of coaching in India Todd Clark, arguably one of the best coaches I’ve been working with, enhanced my coaching and introduced me to David Bailey and his footwork method.

Once I moved over to Vida it has given me an understanding about the importance of pathways for all different abilities and personalities. In my case I’m still very committed to produce high performance players as I’ve been doing this for the last 10 years but also need balance to handle private and family life.


7. How has your time at Vida influenced you as a person?

Probably helped me understand that there are many different approaches to tennis and the coaches need to adjust to them as Vida caters to all ages and levels of play.


8. Why do you love coaching tennis?

I love sports in general, the whole idea of competing and helping people to find solutions on the court and off the court with their preparation is fascinating when the athlete clicks with the message given by the coach.


9. How has tennis influenced who you have become?

Tennis has allowed me to live in 4 continents, meet incredible people, learn to be patient, have belief in what I do and try to be curious to find new ways to do my job.


10. Describe Vida in one word?


Vida Tennis