Vida Coach Proflie – Nick Opasinov

Let’s get to know Nick Opasinov from Essendon Tennis Club a little bit better.

Nick Opasinov – Melbourne, Victoria

1.When did you first pick up a tennis racket?

I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old. I used to get swimming lessons at Epping leisure city, and the way to get out was through the tennis courts. Dad and I would sit and watch the kids play tennis after my swimming lesson. After several weeks, I finally gave in and had my first tennis lesson

2.Who influenced you to begin playing?

No one in particular. Watching other kids play the sport made me want to begin playing

3.What player did you idolised growing up? Did they influence the way you play?

Roger Federer is my favourite. The way he carried himself on the court while playing was something I copied

4.What person/coach made you love tennis?

My family, friends and coach made me love the game. I started with my coach Paul Vassalo at leisure city when I was 10 and stayed with him ever since. He helped me with my game and heavily involved with my tennis journey every step of the way, through good and bad times. Now I have the privilege to work alongside him

5.When did Vida come into your life?

4 years ago I got an opportunity to work at Vida Tennis Essendon through my coach and haven’t looked back since. My first day at Vida I remember walking in very nervous but afterwards I felt great and relaxed. A sense of welcome and belonging made it easy to stay.

6.What opportunities has tennis/Vida provided for you?

At Vida, chance to always learn something new and continue being the best coach and person possible. With tennis, being able to play at a high level and be in that environment. Now I get to continue my passion of tennis with coaching

7.How has your time at Vida influenced you as a person? 

Just be yourself and bring that out everyday as a person and coach

8.Why do you love coaching tennis?

Being able to have an impact and have kids be the best player they can be is a reason I love coaching. I would hope that I’m a mentor for them and can lead them in the right direction. There’s always something new to learn every day in coaching

9.How has tennis influenced who you have become? 

There’s definitely life skills you can learn from tennis, and I think that reflects on who I am as a person

10.Describe Vida in one word? 


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