Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day Events

Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day Events

Following on from your child playing in the ANZ Hotshots Match Play Events we have the Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day Events!

The Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day is an event held by Vida Tennis annually at one of the Vida Venues within Melbourne. There have been four Vida Hot Shots Challenge Days in the past and they have been hosted at MCC Glen Iris, Essendon, Altona and the Veneto club. Each venue has a specific colour which the players nominate to wear as their uniform and this unites everyone. The idea of the event is to connect all the Vida players from different venues and allow them to experience a team environment where they can represent their venue. The previous Challenge Days have featured over 100 players from all the tennis clubs participate in the event. The hosting venue will also provide a free sausage sizzle for the players and families. The matches are 6 game set formats but operates on time, so some matches may not play a full set.

Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day Honour Board
2018 – MCC Glen Iris TC
2017 – Altona TC
2016 – Essendon TC
2015 – Veneto TC

Why play?

It’s a great way to connect with other players from different venues who you will be playing against or, in some cases, playing with. Additionally, everyone is able to enjoy a day of tennis, playing with friends and new people from your own club in an inclusive and fun competitive environment.

Where is it held?

The Challenge Day alternates each year from Vida venue to venue. Look out for exciting news about where the location for the next Vida Hotshots Challenge Days is being held in 2019!

How long does it run for?

This is an annual event held for one day.

Benefits of playing?

It is an opportunity to practice what you have been working on in your lessons and start to implement this into match play. You’re able to develop teamwork within your doubles pairs, but also support and encourage other teammates from the sideline.

How to pick the level or age group?

Players who train on the orange or green ball will be playing in their respective levels. Ages 7-10 years orange ball, ages 10-12 years green ball. Players will be placed into pools by the head coaches at each venue and then play players from opposing venues.

Who Plays?

All players from any Vida Tennis club within Melbourne. Players will be placed into pools by the head coaches at each venue according to their age and level and will then play against opposing venues.

How to Enter?

Enter and sign up through this link below or talk to the head coach at your venue who will also accept sign-ups. Link TBA.



We can’t wait to see you in your team colours representing your club with pride! To register for our next Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge day see below.

Who to contact for more information?

Altona: Mark Peel 0488 098 68 – [email protected]

Epping: Sean Hosemans 0401 627 753 – [email protected]

Essendon: Ashleigh Richardson 0422 240 269 – [email protected]

MCC Glen Iris: Angelo Giampaolo 0407 477 798 – [email protected]

MCC Kew: Danny Oltvay 0425 791 444 – [email protected]

Veneto: Alex Wrzesinski 0412 551 563 – [email protected]

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