The biggest event on the Vida HotShots Calendar is the  Challenge Day

The Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day is an event held by Vida Tennis annually at Melbourne Park, home of the Australian Open.

There have been five Vida Hot Shots Challenge Days in the past with numbers growing exponentially each year.

Players come together to represent their Vida venue, donning their club colours in a show of unity.

The goal of the event is to connect all the Vida players from different venues and allow them to experience a team environment where they can represent their venue.

Previous Challenge Days have featured over 150 players from all the tennis clubs participate in the event.

Their are a series of round robin matches as well as off court activities. These include serve radar, hit the target and the opportunity to play on Show Court 3.

Each match you play will score points for your team to determine the overall winning club. The off-court activities will also help you score points for your team, the team with the most points at the end will become the winner and will take home to Vida Hot Shots Club Challenge Trophy

Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge Day Honour Board
2019 – MCC Glen Iris TC
2018 – MCC Glen Iris TC
2017 – Altona TC
2016 – Essendon TC
2015 – Veneto Club

Why play?

It’s a great way to connect with other players from different venues who you will be playing against or, in some cases, playing with. Additionally, everyone is able to enjoy a day of tennis, playing with friends and new people from your own club in an inclusive and fun competitive environment.

Where is it held?

Melbourne Park, home of the Australian Open. That’s right, you get to play on the Australian Open courts.

How long does it run for?

It is a one day event usually run in the afternoon over the course of 3-4 hours.

Benefits of playing?

It is an opportunity to practice what you have been working on in your lessons and start to implement this into match play. You’re able to develop teamwork within your doubles pairs, but also support and encourage other teammates from the sideline.

How to pick the level or age group?

Players who train on the orange or green ball will be playing in their respective levels. Ages 7-10 years orange ball, ages 10-12 years green ball. Players will be placed into pools by the head coaches at each venue and then play players from opposing venues.

Who Plays?

All players from any Vida Tennis club within Melbourne. Players will be placed into pools by the head coaches at each venue according to their age and level and will then play against opposing venues.

How to Enter?

There will be a link sent out to all eligible players prior to the event.



We can’t wait to see you in your team colours representing your club with pride! To register for our next Vida Tennis Hotshots Challenge day see below.

Who to contact for more information?

Altona: Mark Peel  – mark@vidatennis.com.au

Epping: Sean Hosemans – sean@vidatennis.com.au

Essendon: Ashleigh Richardson  – ashleigh@vidatennis.com.au

MCC Glen Iris: Angelo Giampaolo  – angelo@vidatennis.com.au

Kew: Danny Oltvay  – danny@vidatennis.com.au

Veneto: Blake Poyser – blake@vidatennis.com.au


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