Vida Tennis offers 10,000 FREE intro tennis lessons to children

The LTA, the governing body of tennis in Great Britain, are keen to capitalize on Great Britain’s historic Davis Cup win last year and build a lasting legacy on the success. They are offering 10,000 FREE lessons to children as part of grass roots initiative. So we here at Vida Tennis thought, lets do the same! Whats the worst that can happen, 10,000 kids get the opportunity to try tennis, the game for life. Tennis has long been a sporting stable for Australian families and children and we would like to see this continue.

Vida Tennis are offering 10,000 free intro tennis lessons

for anyone not currently in our coaching program to come and try tennis. There are a number of locations across Melbourne for families to take advantage of the offer. All that needs to be done is click the button below and sign up at the preferred venue. So kids, we hope to see you all on the tennis court really soon.


Choose a sport they can play forever…… Tennis!

The my Vida journey program enables all kids to monitor their progress from when they start tennis through to playing real tennis, club junior competition or entry level tournaments. As the structured levels progress so does the child’s skills, confidence & ability, receiving certificates to show their achievements and progressions along the way. All kids who do Hot Shots Lessons or Group lessons will be constantly assessed to fast track their game so they can play “real tennis” as soon as possible. Tennis lessons use modified balls & equipment and incorporate the Tennis Australia Hot Shots program.


The below article was published in Mirror on the 5th of April in England. – http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/tennis/lawn-tennis-association-offers-10000-7691361

Lawn Tennis Association offers 10,000 FREE lessons to children as part of grass roots initiative

The Lawn Tennis Association has announced it will offer 10,000 free tennis lessons to young children as part of a new initiative to increase participation numbers in the sport.

The Tennis for Kids initiative, which is aimed at five-year-olds to eight-year-olds, has been set up in a bid to capitalise on Great Britain’s Davis Cup win last year and build a lasting legacy on the success.

The initiative is aimed at attracting beginners, so the lessons will focus on developing basic skills such as agility, balance and co-ordination.

One thousand specially trained coaches will lead the courses, which will run between the start of April and July.

In addition to the free lessons, there will also be 10,000 free tennis rackets given out to youngsters who complete the course.

Former British No 1 Annabel Croft praised the initiative, saying: “As someone who has played tennis for decades, the Tennis for Kids initiative is extremely exciting as it offers children who are completely new to the sport, an easy way to start getting involved.

“It is also a lovely way to get parents in on the action, as they are actively encouraged to attend the final session.

“I really look forward to seeing everyone get involved across the country and hope the initiative truly inspires parents to sign up to get their kids playing more tennis.”

The chief executive of the LTA, Michael Downey, added: “We are delighted to launch Tennis for Kids.

“It is a fantastic way to introduce kids to tennis in a fun engaging environment that all the family can enjoy.

“After the momentous Davis Cup win last year, we wanted to ensure a legacy that focused on the younger generation and inspired them to get involved in a sport that they could continue to enjoy throughout their lives.

“We are really looking forward to seeing the thousands of sign-ups across the country and cannot wait to get Tennis for Kids off the ground.”

Les Montgomery, the chief executive of Highland Spring, who have teamed up with the LTA to offer the initiative, added: “We’re passionate about encouraging as many families as possible to get active, adopt healthy hydration habits and have some fun.

“That’s why we’ve partnered with the LTA to help deliver this exciting Tennis for Kids initiative and we look forward to introducing 10,000 children to the game over the coming months.”

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