Vida Tennis Referral Program

Thank you for your interest in starting your tennis journey with the team at Vida. Our vision is to create life opportunities for each individual through the sport of tennis, whether this be the world stage or personal best. Tennis is a game you can play forever and we aim to create a great environment that promotes fun, passion, exceptional experiences and a great learning environment for you to develop your tennis.

As you would know, there is no better acknowledgement that we are achieving our vision and aims than that of a referral from a current or former Vida Tennis member. Over the years the majority of people who start tennis with us come from word of mouth, so we have decided to reward both our current players and you, the new player joining the Vida Tennis family.

When you join us by submitting the below registration form you will receive;

  • $25 off your first full term of lessons (your invoice will be emailed once your lesson time has been confirmed)
  • The family who has referred you will also receive $25 off their term account

If you have two people in your family starting with us, both will receive the $25. Please note this is discount will be valid for a full term (10 weeks) of lessons. If you have any questions about the referral program please feel free to contact a Vida Team member.

We look forward to seeing you on the court!

Team Vida
[email protected]


Vida Tennis