Watchem – Stay Connected

At Vida, supporting child safety and our own Vida community is important to us. See below a great watch option to give you peace of mind your child is safe with this great watch with phone & text and GPS tracker. Stay connected with your child and always know where your kids are and that they are safe. And for an added bonus, they will love to wear them!

Changing the way parents and kids stay connected

Watchem Kids ‘CALL ME’ Watch

  • Gives you peace of mind and keeps you connected with your child while still allowing ‘kids the freedom they need to be kids’
  • Enables your child to call you quickly by holding down the ‘RED ALERT’ button on the side of the Watchem Watch whenever they need you
  • The ‘Proximity GPS’* function allows you to locate your child’s general whereabouts using GPS technology
  • Designed with parents in mind, without the need to buy a smartphone for your child
  • With a Watchem Watch your child cannot surf the internet, download apps or call anyone outside your list of pre-set contacts

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