Welcome Jo Karaitiana to the Vida Team

Vida Tennis would like to officially welcome Jo-Anne Karaitiana to the Vida Team.

Jo will start her role with Vida as Director of Coaching at the Box Hill Senior Secondary College Tennis Academy in January 2019. Jo has had a close relationship with Vida for more than a decade through her playing days and we are excited for her to now join the team as a coach, and player mentor.

Currently, Jo is working with Tennis Australia in player development in the Northern Territory and is taking the NT teams event during the December Showdown at Melbourne Park (as seen in the picture below). Her role with Tennis NT has seen her take on a number of roles over the past two years including being a Super 10’s coach, Head Coach at Sanderson Tennis Club, Australian Teams Championships coach, player development coach, and run private and squad lessons.

Jo has a strong playing background having achieved a world WTA ranking in both singles and doubles after graduating from the University of Tula (USA). Jo also has a strong background in Sports Science (Bachelor of Science: Exercise and Sports Science), is a Tennis Australia Club Professional accredited coach, and had a variety of other experience in the past which will help her to guide a holistic tennis program.

Over the coming months, we will update you with more about the Box Hill program but you can find out more on the following link;

All at Vida are very excited to have Jo on board and are really looking forward to the new era of tennis at Box Hill.

Vida Tennis