What can I learn from losing?

With another set of school holidays and tournament block in the books, it’s time to reflect on your performance and to look forward towards your next term of training.I recently came across an article by TennisFitness.com with the title “Every tennis player should read this”. As a tennis coach and player I obviously felt obliged to read on.

Here are my key takeaways that I would like to share with the Vida community from the article that I believe will resonate among all tennis players and will help you move forward this term.

1. Losing – You are going to lose a lot of matches. That is the reality. Prepare for it and learn what you can from each loss. This is what we call turning a negative into a positive. Do not fall into the trap of turning a negative into a disaster.

2. Doubting yourself – Everyone does this. At times, you will doubt yourself as a player. You will question why you are playing and even question those around you. Use these moments to assess your processes, but come back to it when you are in a better mindset before making decisions.

3. Frustrated – Roger, Serena, Rafa, they all get extremely frustrated. So, will you. Tennis can do that to anyone, and you are no different. In those moments, control what you can control, sometimes you need to walk away, reset and bounce back the next day.

4. Blaming others – More often than not, you will be the reason something has happened. First, ask yourself “What could I have done better?”, then look to assess other factors.

5. Growth over results – Development should always be the focus. If you are learning and improving and focused on that, the results will come. Becoming fixated on winning can be toxic and will place a lot of pressure on yourself.

6. Attitude – Hands down the most important factor in reaching your potential is Attitude. You can 100% no questions asked, control your attitude. It is a choice. Being in a positive, upbeat and controlled state will always deliver the best outcome.

7. Expectations– Do not expect to be the best, accept that your best is enough. As long as you run up with the right attitude and give 100%, then that’s enough. The results will sort themselves out.

8. Resilience – Everyone has different levels of resilience. Be different, be willing to get knocked down 10 times and get up 10 times, in these moments you realize how great you can be.

See you on the court!

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