What competition opportunities are there?

The truth about competitions is that is not about winning, it is a process where you find confidence on the tennis court, facing a friend and learning many important values that will be there for life. Whether you win or lose, you are always learning something new from the experience. What is important for all young players at an early age is that they are able to embrace the competition in a positive and safe environment. 

Here are some other great reasons to begin competing:

  1. Practice what you have learnt during your regular tennis lessons
  2. It is fun, it is about making friends and socialising
  3. Learn the rules, and also develop strategies and tactics
  4. Being physically active while improving on your tennis, motor  and movement skills
  5. Develops confidence and sense of accomplishment 
  6. Learn the value of effort and working towards our goals


No matter where your child is on the My Vida Journey Pathway we have matchplay and competition opportunities for them.


Hotshots Match Play

Introduction to match play – learn the basics of scoring, positioning and tactics

  • Once a term in every Vida venue. 
  • Orange and Green ball players

NEW – Hotshots League

New format for all players who are interested in joining competition regularly on Sundays.

  • 4 weeks throughout each term
  • Orange and Green ball players

Association junior competition

Representing your Vida venue competing against other tennis clubs in your region

  • 8-10 weeks through Summer and Winter
  • Green and Yellow ball players





For more information please contact the Head Coach at your Vida venue


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