What certificate level are you on?

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As part of the Vida Tennis HotShots program, the certificate program is an important part of monitoring each individuals improvement and experience.

Certificates are handed out at the end of the term and outline their achievements. They allow the child to take responsibility of their learning and assist the coaches in providing individualised feedback.

If you’re new to the program, your child should be receiving a fresh new certificate at the end of the term.

Their My Progress level is then used to place students into the appropriate groups to ensure each individual has the best opportunity to develop there technical, tactical and social skills.

About the Program

It is important for all junior players to progress through skills suitable to their age and ability. A child doesn’t often have the skill set to serve with a jump at 5 years old, so there is a system to develop the player through stages.

During the early stages of the certificate program, we ensure all players have the fundamental skills to build around the program later on.

When a player enters the program, we make sure they understand basic fundamental skills such as throwing, catching and tracking the ball.

Additionally, throughout these fundamental skills acquisition lessons, we also make sure they start learning the areas of the court to ensure a well rounded lesson. Playing games with or without a racquet are all designed with the previous skills in mind.

Further details on the program

Moreover, we start to get more technical with the development of strokes to ensure maximum progression and success. We also teach all players the rules of the game as well as etiquette which will benefit them in matches.

This leads into the later parts of the program where the goal of obtaining the “Match” certificate. This is to enable the player to participate in junior competition with ease. At this stage a player who receives the last certificate will be good enough to rally, serve and volley. Also, Keeping the scores and know the etiquette of a real match. This makes for a really nice transition into junior competition.

So what happens next after your child gets their last certificate?

Well if you look at the Vida pathways page to best asses what in your tennis journey. Have a look through the different avenues as tennis can be a sport which will stay with them for life.

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