What’s new in the My Vida Journey pathway?

Our vision at Vida is to create life opportunities for each individual through exceptional tennis experiences. Part of this process is offering a clear pathway for all to enjoy and develop their tennis.

We are excited to update the Vida community on the recent additions and further streamlining of the My Vida Journey (MVJ) pathway. There are now five stages in the pathway;

  1. Hot Shots – Head Start
  2. Hot Shots – My Progress
  3. Junior Development
  4. Junior Performance
  5. Adult

The pathway now highlights

  • Tennis lesson options for all
  • Age-guided stages
  • Stage-guided ball colors
  • Play opportunities at the appropriate level and age of the individual
  • Competition and tournament options
  • Two streams: development and performance
  • A focus on coaching themes and learning areas

So why did we make the updates and what are the specific changes & additions?

Further multi-skill development options in the Head Start program

The Vida Head Start program is for kids aged 3 to 5. It covers fundamental perceptual-motor skills, the building blocks of sport, physical activity, and child development. It is very important for children at this age to develop all areas such as; locomotion, balance, catching, tracking, interception, throwing, kicking, striking, and cognitive skills. We have added further activities within the program to foster enjoyment and progression.

Extended levels in the My Progress Program

We have found that many children progress quickly through the red ball stages but find some of the orange levels more challenging. We want to ensure that children progress to the next colour ball when they are ready so we have added in further level at the end of red and orange. This now means there are four levels of both red and orange, helping break down the development areas further.
All coaching outcomes are now linked to our six key development learning areas of tennis for these levels: Ground strokes, Rally, Net play, Serve and return, Game base, & Physical development.

Green Ball moved into the Junior Development stream

Our research has told us that green ball players do not see themselves as ‘HotShots’ players and are often transitioning into junior competition at this stage. We have realigned the green ball program with our yellow ball development stream and extended on the 6 key development learning areas for a development player. While there are no longer certificates for these levels, there is a clear learning pathway mapped out.

Junior Performance streams for Orange, Green & Yellow

The Vida Junior Performance program is broken into three categories based on age and skill development. These are Orange ball, Green ball and Yellow ball performance.

It was important for us to separate a development player to a performance player as often these children play for a very different reason. To help parents understand the difference between the two we developed our list of the key characteristics of orange and green ball performance players.

Each category has the same key focus coaching areas, which are the pillars to our performance pathway; Fundamental tactics, Linking tactics, Technique, Serve and return and Game development.

Clear linking of Play, Competitions & Coaching programs options to the players level

Tennis is not just about having tennis lessons. In fact, tennis lessons are a very small part of a player’s tennis journey. The My Vida Journey pathway helps guild the play, competition, and coaching opportunities at all levels, ages, and streams.

Adult stream added

The My Vida Journey pathway would not be complete without Adult programs and play opportunities. This stream showcases a variety of options & pathways for development, performance, or recreational player.

To read more about each of the My Vida Journey pathway areas, click on the following links

  1. Hot Shots – Head Start
  2. Hot Shots – My Progress
  3. Junior Development
  4. Junior Performance
  5. Adult

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