Why Box Hill Tennis Academy

Box Hill Senior Secondary College (BHSSC) has been an innovator and pioneer in the provision of specialized sport development programs in secondary college settings in Victoria. The College provides a unique environment where athletes are able to combine their goals in their chosen sport with a comprehensive and stimulating education. The sport development sessions are incorporated into the school timetable as part of the student’s daily and weekly schedule.

Vida Tennis took over the Tennis program delivery at the start of 2019 and have established the values & culture foundations to drive the program forward into the future.

The student athlete is in a great place to balance academic and sporting developing in an individualise way


Why Box Hill – The Tennis Program


  • A tennis inclusive school timetable allows students to play the amount of tennis required to be able to take their game to higher levels. By playing during school time and choosing core subjects that suit your desired academic requirements, students are able to add to their after school tennis programs where at a non-sporting school you would not be able to produce this required on court time to excel. This enables students the time to additionally train, hit or work privately with coaches outside school hours.
  • The student athlete finds a balance between academic study and tennis, where both are valued. Players must maintain a minimum study score to stay in the tennis program.
  • Industry leading coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our coaches range former playing professionals, USA College scholarship holders, coaching experience on the WTA and ATP tour, coaching national Australian and ITF champions in singles and doubles. Click here to read more about the coaching team
  • Squad and small group lessons with a focus on specific technical and tactical outcomes. Video analysis for corrective technical development. Themed point play and match play.
  • Holistic athlete development plan with professional strength and conditioning coaches who have experience working with professional athletes and teams.
  • Tennis specific movement training, efficient running mechanics, balance, coordination, strength and power.
  • Athlete focused gym with all relevant equipment on campus to conduct weight training.
  • Fitness testing which will be benchmarked against ITF standards that will help to track individual improvement and develop individualized programming.
  • A focus on the individual to maximize their potential and help guide them to their game style while allowing for individual flare.
  • Team building activities off court that encourage team building, social skills and initiative.
  • Guest speakers and workshops such as nutritionist and sports psychologist, current and former professional players and world class tennis coaches.
  • Warm up, cool down, stretching, mindfulness and foam rolling programs.
  • Advice and help on appropriate tennis pathways and tournament selection.
  • Coach support during holiday periods to watch players compete in tournaments.

Ultimately, we want students to develop a love of the game and create an environment for players to thrive. Whether your goal is to become a professional tennis player or whether you strive to reach your maximum potential in tennis and studies, we will provide you with all the necessary skills. Our aim is to not only produce good tennis players but good people. We equip each individual with appropriate challenges and adversity to help build resilience and develop a growth mindset.

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Why Box Hill – The Student Athlete

The future direction of the college is to focus on teaching and learning to improve student outcomes and continue to offer a variety of educational pathways to cater for each individual.

The professional learning program for teachers is focused on building classroom practice, and instructional models, high impact teaching strategies and innovative curriculum. These platforms will improve students outcomes across all year levels.

The student-athlete is a student first, and we strive to help each individual find their own pathway in academics and sport. Throughout the years the College has seen a variety of achievers in all walks of life. Success is a very individual measure and we strive to help each student achieve their goals. If you look at a simple VCE Median score, the College is on par with the majority of other like sporting specialist schools.

BHSSC leadership is excited by our new vision & values for the college from 2020.

Providing a quality teaching and learning program is a fundamental component of the College’s success. Students learn best in a positive and highly motivated environment. Our Teaching and Learning Model reflects our commitment to highly effective teaching and personalised learning. The BHSSC learning trinity embraces three interconnected themes:

  • Learning to make a Life
  • Learning to make a Living
  • Learning to make a Difference

These statements encapsulate our beliefs about the role of education in the lives of young people. As a College we hold the following to be true:

  • All students are capable of learning
  • Effort is important
  • Learning will be influenced by emotion while deep learning is a dynamic process
  • Learning involves risk taking and making mistakes
  • Our environment, including the company we keep, will affect our learning

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