Work out with a former Vida player and now world class runner

Vlad Ixel

Many who were part of Vida Tennis in the early 2000 nds would remember a hard working teenager by the name of Vlad Ixel. The Ukrainian born boy had moved from Israel, to Perth and then to Melbounre in the early years his life. He arrived at Vida Tennis as a very raw, hard working junior tennis player, with great athletic ability. He climbed the junior ranks very quickly and was soon playing Nationals in his age groups before he and his family moved back to Perth.

Fast forward a decade, and he is now a World class Ultra Marathon Trail Runner with his results speaking for themesleves. For someone not coming from a running backgroud, today he is a full-time athlete for The North Face team and an online marathon/ ultra marathon / trail running coach. He spends his time between Australia, Hong Kong and Europe racing and training on some of the most amazing trails in the world. He is also an online running coach.

Vlad has recently put out a series of video’s for runners to train without equipment from home. While these are targeted at runners, almost all of the exercises and movements are the foundations for all athletes. Check them out below from his YouTube channel.

If you want to find out more about Vlad and his story, check out hsi website


Strength – 1

Strength – 2

Foam Roller Workout


Core & Stability

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